The International Pilot Programme was implemented from 2018-2020. In view of its great success and the political will to expand the field of cooperation and mobility beyond the borders of Europe, it will be transformed into a regular International Programme. A new call for projects is expected to follow in late summer/autumn 2021, provided that the program budget has been approved

International Pilot Programme from 2018-2020

Good ideas for mobility and cooperation worldwide are called for here: the international programmes from Movetia are aligned with Swiss educational establishments that wish to try out innovative partnerships and new ideas for mobility – even outside Europe.

Which projects are funded?

The projects should have added value for the institutions and organisations themselves as well as for the Swiss education system. 

How the pilot projects are funded?

The international pilot programme from Movetia provides for two funding instruments:

Open project fund: a carte blanche, which means that anything is possible and no activities or allowances are defined. Project organisers are free to design the project as they wish. You will find information on the procedure, funding criteria and the associated forms on the open project fund website.

Specific programmes for each stage of education: proven measures for international educational cooperation (such as international school partnerships and intensive programmes) for the worldwide networking of Swiss educational institutions. The specific offerings, funding criteria and further information can be found on the relevant subpages for school education, vocational education and training (VET) and higher education

How does the application process work?

From 2019, a new, two-stage application procedure applies. In the first phase, applicants submit a project outline. They will then be told whether or not they qualify for the second phase. If they do, they can submit a full application.

What does Movetia offers?

  • Funding: Movetia covers a maximum of CHF 50,000 per year and 60% of the total costs. The project must not already be funded by Erasmus+ grants.
  • Advice: Movetia offers advice and supports the process from development of the project application to implementation and completion.

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