Youth Work

Exchange and transnational cooperation in youth work

Movetia facilitates the implementation of various mobility and cooperation projects in the extra-curricular sphere and in youth work. Youth organisations and youth workers are supported in their efforts to carry out a variety of international projects.

Going out of your comfort zone for a mobility project or getting to see different points of view within the framework of a cooperation project in partnership with institutions in other countries is a rewarding experience. Consequently, the programmes contribute towards the improvement of quality in youth work and strengthen transnational networks and the international dimension of youth work.

“The most important thing I’ve learned in this project is about myself. Meeting young people from Switzerland, Ireland and Palestine has taught me to open up and given me new perspectives.”

Michal from Israel, participant in a Youth Exchange

“Thanks to the joint project with our European partners, dedicated young people from Switzerland and all over Europe were able to stand up for an open world shaped by solidarity. As well as that, it strengthened institutional exchange and has resulted in follow-up projects.”

Andreas Lustenberger, leader youngCaritas Switzerland


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Youth Exchange

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In a youth exchange, groups of young people from two or more countries get together for a few days or weeks. Creative projects involving art, dance, video or theatre are just as suitable as sport or outdoor activities. The young people take an active role in the planning and implementation and thus acquire many new skills.

Volunteering in Europe

Would you like to do a community service in Europe and develop new skills and have an intercultural experience? This webpage will give you all the information you need about this programme and how to apply.

Mobility Projects for Youth Workers

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In collaboration with partners from other countries, employees of youth organisations undertake international training sessions, study visits or job shadowing periods. They see how youth work functions in other countries, gain inspiration for new projects and develop numerous skills.

Youth and Politics

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Through projects in the Youth and Politics sphere, young people experience political participation and democratic processes in practice. Together with young people from other countries and with decision-makers, they discuss topics relevant to youth policy. Numerous activities can be carried out, from events and seminars through to debates.

Cooperation partnerships Youth in Action

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These kinds of longer-term cooperation between organisations enable best practices to be exchanged and transnational networks to be set up. In addition, innovative methods, instruments, guides or other products are developed within the framework of Cooperation partnerships.

Volunteering in Switzerland

Do you live in a European country and want to volunteer in Switzerland? You will find here all the necessary information about the programme and how to apply.

European Continuing Education and Training

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Youth in Action offers reasonably-priced training and networking courses for people involved in youth work and/or wishing to carry out projects with young people (teenagers or young adults). The two- to four-day courses take place in European countries. They constitute a source of support in planning and carrying out projects as well as in daily work in the youth sphere.

Swiss hosting organisations

Is your organisation interested in hosting European volunteers and thus benefiting from support for your activities and an enriching intercultural exchange? All important information is summarised on this page and can be found in more detail in the Programme Guide.

International Programme

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The International Programme enables Swiss actors in the field of education  and youth work to implement projects aimed at networking, creating training opportunities or developing the quality of institutional processes in cooperation with European and non-European organisations.

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