Youth Work

Exchange and transnational cooperation in youth work

Movetia facilitates the implementation of various mobility and cooperation projects in the extra-curricular sphere and in youth work. Youth organisations and youth workers are supported in their efforts to carry out a variety of international projects.

Going out of your comfort zone for a mobility project or getting to see different points of view within the framework of a cooperation project in partnership with institutions in other countries is a rewarding experience. Consequently, the programmes contribute towards the improvement of quality in youth work and strengthen transnational networks and the European dimension of youth work.


Focus on Non-Formal Education

Non-formal learning – how does it work and what are the advantages? The annual Youth in Action event 2021, “Officiellement non-formel”, was all about taking a different approach to learning, and all the participants agreed: non-formal methods should be used more often! For this reason, we have compiled a toolkit for…

Self-assessment made easy

The new self-assessment tool from SALTO can be used to assess the competences of youth workers systematically and easily. It can be incorporated into exchange projects free of charge, easily and in a manner that is tailored entirely to participants’ and project managers’ needs.

Find the youth funding programme that is right for you

Movetia has put together the first overview of public funding programmes for youth projects. The overview on the Movetia website includes not only the programmes Movetia offers itself but also funding programmes for young people and youth projects from the federal government (Federal Office of Culture, Federal Office…

Erasmus+: A necessity and a great potential

Swiss actors demonstrate the fact that international mobility and cooperation activities in the Swiss educational sector can be significantly increased in their respective sectors. The challenge does not frighten them, even though support measures are necessary.

Treffpunkt Échanges – junge Erwachsene berichten von ihrem Auslandaufenthalt

Am 18. Mai trafen sich 17 junge Erwachsene mit unterschiedlichen Hintergründen, die im Rahmen eines Movetia-Programmes eine Mobilität in Europa gemacht haben, um sich zu ihren Erfahrungen auszutauschen. Welche Rückmeldungen haben sie und von welchen Erkenntnissen können sie berichten?

ACA on Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe: negotiations to be continued.

The ACA (Academic Cooperation Association) based in Brussels has written a letter of support for starting the negotiations between Switzerland and the EU on the Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe programmes. A large number of cooperation agencies and academic organisations in several European countries are calling for…

A (second) chance to apply for funding

Movetia is launching its second call for European mobility projects in 2021 in the areas of school, adult and vocational education and youth work. Applications will be accepted until October. There is a lot of funding still available!

Erasmus+ and the Institutional Framework Agreement (IFA) between Switzerland the EU

On 26 May, the Swiss Federal Council broke off negotiations between Switzerland and the European Union on the Institutional Framework Agreement (IFA). At the moment, is unclear how this decision will impact the negotiations on Switzerland’s association to Erasmus+ and the Horizon Europe research programme.

The Treffpunkt Échanges event – a voice for young people who were abroad

On 18 May, 17 young people from different backgrounds, who had participated in a mobility programme in Europe through Movetia, met to discuss their experiences. What feedback and messages did they convey? 

The National Council supports full membership in the European Solidarity Corps

The call of the youth organisations has been heard. In a special session at the beginning of May, the National Council accepted the proposal by Martina Munz (SP/SH) “Promoting volunteering activities. Joining the European Solidarity Corps” (19.3614). The proposal calls on the Federal Council to start negotiations with…

Erasmus+ cooperation: Switzerland is lagging behind!

In addition to promoting mobility, transnational cooperation projects are one of the main areas of focus of Erasmus+. The programme promotes innovation and exchange of proven practices in the field of education. A comparison of relevant figures shows that, in recent years, Switzerland was able to profit from far fewer…

The call for proposals for European cooperations has launched!

The latest generation of the Erasmus+ programme once again offers interesting opportunities for Swiss-European educational and youth-work partnerships within the framework of cooperation projects. In 2021, the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ continues to support Swiss organisations active in the areas of school education,…

swissuniversities: A plea for Switzerland to re-join the Erasmus+ programme

The swissuniversities Rectors’ Conference of Swiss Universities has made a plea to the Swiss Federal Council to resume negotiations with the European Commission as soon as possible to ensure that Swiss higher education institutions can participate in the 2021–2027 Erasmus+ programme. The access to networks, cooperation…

Study confirms added value of exchange projects

A pioneering study commissioned by Movetia to evaluate exchange projects in the youth sector has yielded conclusive results: exchange and mobility projects are of great significance and have an enormous impact on those taking part and on the organisations. Young people and youth workers alike benefit profoundly from…

Brexit update: FAQ

Study visits will still be possible in the United Kingdom after Brexit – subject to new entry and residence provisions. Below is a summary of the new regulations.

The European Voluntary Service, a success despite the pandemic: testimonies

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe and the rest of the world has had a major impact on international exchange programmes. A vast majority of international mobility programmes have therefore been placed on standby, cancelled or replaced by online exchanges. One of the only international programmes funded by Movetia which has continued to function almost normally, despite the crisis, is the European Voluntary Service. Here are the reasons behind this success story.

Fresh wind for European exchange

The new call for projects of the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ is pure motivation to restart or continue exchange and mobility projects. Especially in school/adult education and vocational training, some fundamental new changes have been made: several application deadlines per year, support for student mobilities or…

Academic calendar from 37 European countries - at a glance!

Find in one document all the useful information on the academic calendars of European higher education institutions.

A ‘compass’ for the programme details

The use of non-formal learning methods is characteristic for Youth in Action. In contrast to formal learning, which is prescribed and structured by school institutions, young people are involved in the learning process on a voluntary basis and control their own learning. They are supported in this by accompanying persons. In the ConneXt project, Compagnie Digestif gives an insight into how it designs the programme and involves the participants.  

EDK fordert Verhandlungen über eine Vollassoziierung der Schweiz an Erasmus+

Die EDK fordert die Verhandlungen über die Vollassoziierung der Schweiz an Erasmus+. Seit 2014 ist die Schweiz ein nicht assoziierter Drittstaat.

#ErasmusDays: 15, 16, 17 October 2020 to celebrate European mobility experiences

#ErasmusDays makes cooperation and mobility projects visible – but what are the Swiss education players doing?

New Youth in Action consulting menu!

Do you find it difficult to keep track of the whole range of diverse programmes on offer from Youth in Action? Are you interested in examples of projects? Or would you like to know what exactly non-formal education is all about? You will find just what you are looking for in the new consulting menu.

Youth exchanges are the answer!

Youth exchange projects have a strong and diverse impact on participating young people and accompanying persons. The more than fifty youth work representatives at our annual event in Biel agreed on this.

The charter – born out of exchange to benefit exchange

How can the Charter for youth work be used profitably? The Charter sets out the common values, objectives and principles of youth work in Europe. As a reference document, it highlights the social importance of (international) youth work and can be used as a catalogue of arguments on behalf of international projects. It…

From creative mandala to statistical questionnaire

The evaluation and recognition of learning outcomes are central elements of a youth exchange. The mobility projects of the Jura association Les Coccinelles are exemplary in these aspects. Their project “SustainaBal” shows how they are going about it.

Play to Grow

The youth project RUMO was supposed to take place offline and online, until the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic threw a spanner into the works. The need for social distancing meant the organisers and participants had to rethink things. Thanks to their efforts, the international game with the five teams from Kenya, Palestine, Spain, Brazil and Switzerland was still able to go ahead – but online only!

New perspectives in the Tyrol for Jugendarbeit Bern NordOst

The TOJ Bern NordOst team attended the 13th BOJA symposium in the Tyrolean mountain village of Alpbach. The team members had the opportunity to participate in a wide range of lectures and workshops at this nationwide open youth work symposium on the theme of “Open youth work as a place to learn”. As the symposium was…

«Es gab ausreichend Zeit für alle Fragen»

Die Projektlounge 2020 war mit über 50 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern ein Erfolg. Movetia hat sich die Zeit genommen, alle offenen Fragen rund um Programme und Projekte zu beantworten. Das war besonders hilfreich für alle, die sich einen Überblick über die Schweizer Programme zu Erasmus+ verschaffen wollten. 

In Ticino: Aperitivo informale e informativo di Movetia, Eurodesk e Intermundo

L’aperitivo informale e informativo di Movetia, Eurodesk e Intermundo a Breganzona è stato un gran successo!

Measuring the impact of Youth in Action Programmes with RAY

36 National Agencies of Erasmus+: How to measure the impact of Erasmus+ Youth in Action programmes? In order to do just that, Movetia recently joined the self-governed European research network “Research-based Analysis and Monitoring of European Youth Programmes” (RAY Network).

Studienbesuch «Building Walls - Breaking Walls»

«So etwas habe ich in meinem Leben noch nie gesehen», sagte die 19 jährige Israelin währenddem sie die wunderschönen Berge der Schweiz betrachtet. Sie verbrachte ihr ganzes Leben in Israel und hatte noch nie die Möglichkeit eine andere Kultur zu besuchen. Bis auf ihre Entscheidung, an dieser internationalen…

70 people, 13 measures, 7 questions

This year’s Youth in Action event was more than worthwhile. Participants actively shared their experiences and worked together to address issues related to international youth work. Movetia also presented the measures from the ZHAW’s in-depth analysis.

Study visit to Berlin delivers fresh impetus for youth work in Bern

Youth workers from the association for open youth work of the city of Bern (toj) visited colleagues in Berlin as part of a study visit in autumn 2017. The project shows how longstanding international cooperation can be effective and deliver concrete results.

“We have reached common ground!”

The European Charter on Local Youth Work, which was launched on 4 June, sets out common ground in the field of European youth work, as well as many common goals and principles.

Europe goes Local conference: European networking for local youth work

Two hundred youth workers, community representatives and institutions from over 20 countries attended the lively and diverse conference that was held in Brussels as part of the Europe goes Local Erasmus+ project. As in previous years, a Swiss delegation was also in attendance.  

National Agencies Meeting in Bucharest

The Future is Coming! On the occasion of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the local national agency invited all its European counterparts to sit around the same table and discuss, share and consolidate their views on the European education and training and youth programmes for the period…

Save the Date: Movetia-Jahresveranstaltungen

Making local youth work politically stronger

The European advanced training course Lobbying for Youth Work brings political communication methods into youth work. More than 20 participants from five countries, including Switzerland, began the two-year course in February 2019 in Bonn.

Brexit – Impact on Switzerland

If the United Kingdom loses its status as an Erasmus+ programme country, a pragmatic solution will be applied to ensure that UK mobility projects can continue.

Study visit to Liechtenstein to explore the key role of youth work in local communities

Youth work is a priority of local authorities in Liechtenstein. A delegation of youth workers from Switzerland wanted to find out why this is the case and how this political recognition was achieved. 

“The personal advice was particularly valuable”

The first ever cross-divisional project lounge was held in Bern on 31 January. The event allowed over 30 enthusiastic and interested attendees to put their questions to Movetia.

Ein internationales Jugendprojekt zeigt seine Wirkung

Die NOW Journey ist ein sechsmonatiges Jugendprojekt, bei welchem junge Men­schen aus sechs Ländern im Rahmen eines interkulturellen Jugendaustauschs ge­meinsam ihre persönlichen Kompetenzen stärken und eigene soziale Projekte ent­wickeln. Das vom Verein NOW entwickelte Programm kombiniert Methoden der nicht formalen Bildung mit Elementen des Coachings. In jeder Phase des Projekts wird die Wirkungsmessung bereits mitgedacht.

Setting off to new shores with Youth in Action

This year’s Youth in Action exchange on exchange was a resounding success. Participants embarked on an imaginary boat trip to discuss the opportunities and possibilities of international youth work. The initial results of the analysis conducted by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) on exchange and…

Does the world really need more walls?

Young adults are building walls together – and, in the process, are breaking down borders: the youth exchange “Building Walls, Breaking Walls” is enabling young people from different countries to find common ground beyond cultures, borders, religion and politics. Two media reports give insights into the project.

Multimedialer Guide der Schweiz

Zum elften Mal in Folge lädt der Sprachenwettbewerb Linguissimo die 16- bis 21-jährigen Jugendlichen und die Klassen der Sekundarstufe II ein, sich durch das Schreiben über die Sprachgrenzen hinaus auszutauschen. Mit mehrsprachigen schriftlichen und multimedialen Beiträgen schaffen die Teilnehmenden einen Reiseführer…

Political education with the European Youth Parliament (EYP)

Over 200 young people from many different European countries convened in Lucerne in September 2018 for the National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament (EYP). 

Initiativen zur Förderung der politischen Bildung

Der Campus für Demokratie lud am 17. September im Landhaus in Solothurn zum Austausch zwischen Lehrpersonen, Forschenden und Jugendarbeiter/innen ein. Movetia war präsent und hat Wege zur Förderung von politischer Bildung im internationalen Kontext aufgezeigt.

Different environments – similar challenges

Europe goes Local is an initiative of Erasmus+ Youth in Action supporting youth work at municipal level.  It aims to promote the quality and recognition of youth work through enhanced European cooperation and networking. A six-member delegation from Switzerland took part in its second annual conference in Portugal.…

Jelena reports: Six exciting takeaways from Finnish youth work

Movetia sent the youth worker Jelena Mair on a cruise to Finland. As part of the study tour, she was able to network with youth workers from all over Europe on the boat, and she visited a variety of institutions dealing with Finnish youth work. Jelena reports on six points that she took away from the visit.

Global citizenship education – a model for international exchange

Global citizenship education empowers young people and adults to tackle global challenges. The education concept is attracting increasing interest, both worldwide and here in Switzerland. 

Study visit ‘Integration of young refugees’, the Netherlands

As participant from Switzerland, Ursina Anesini gained an insight into efficient integration practices in another European country. 

The guide to accreditation as EVS organisation is here!

In order to send volunteers abroad or to receive them within the framework of a European Voluntary Service (EVS) project, organisations in Switzerland need to be accredited by Movetia. The new guide offers support to interested organisations for applying and for the accreditation process.

European Voluntary Service: intensive training for 19 volunteers

26 young people from 12 different countries are currently completing a European Voluntary Service in Switzerland and working in organisations, associations and institutions in the social, cultural or environmental spheres. From 17th-20th March, 19 of the volunteers took part in an introduction and evaluation seminar…

Vielfalt und Inklusion: Austausch zwischen Armenien und der Schweiz

Internationale Mobilitätsprojekte sollen allen Jugendlichen offenstehen, unab­hängig von ihrer persönlichen Lebenssituation. Chancengleichheit und Inklusion sind wichtige Aspekte des Programms Jugend in Aktion. Der Jugendaustausch «lmagine Rhythm» brachte 34 gehörlose und hörende Jugendliche aus Armenien und der Schweiz in Uster zusammen.

Jetzt Projekt einreichen und Austausch in Europa starten

Die nationale Agentur Movetia lanciert den Projektaufruf 2018 für die Europäische Mobilität und Kooperation. Im Rahmen des Schweizer Programms zu Erasmus+ können Organisationen und Institutionen der Schulbildung, der Berufsbildung, des Tertiärbereichs, der Erwachsenendbildung sowie der ausserschulischen Jugendarbeit…

Jahresveranstaltung Jugend in Aktion

Jugend in Aktion war letzte Woche im Labor – gemeinsam mit zahlreichen Vertreterinnen und Vertreter von Jugendorganisationen aus der ganzen Schweiz.

Overcoming differences with rhythm

Young people use movement, dance and film to overcome communication and intercultural barriers.

Youth in Action: take advantage of the last application deadline 2017!

On 11th October, youth organisations have another opportunity to submit project proposals for the Youth in Action Programme. 

Austausch und Mobilität der Zukunft

Wie wird sich Jugendaustauch weiterentwickeln? Welche neuen Formen interkultureller Begegnungen wird es geben? Mit dem Buch «Trends im interkulturellen Jugendaustausch» skizziert Intermundo 13 aktuelle und zukünftige Trends, die die Mobilität in Zukunft prägen.

What is local youth work doing in Europe?

A 7-person delegation from Switzerland attended the kick-off conference of Europe goes Local.

Youth work needs Europe and Europe needs youth work!

How can youth work contribute to a democratic, socially conscious and fair Europe for all young people? Some 400 specialist workers from all over Europe discussed this question at the professional programme europe@DJHT during the 16th German Child and Youth Welfare Congress (DJHT), which took place from 28th till 30th…

“The most important thing I’ve learned in this project is about myself. Meeting young people from Switzerland, Ireland and Palestine has taught me to open up and given me new perspectives.”

Michal from Israel, participant in a Youth Exchange

“Thanks to the joint project with our European partners, dedicated young people from Switzerland and all over Europe were able to stand up for an open world shaped by solidarity. As well as that, it strengthened institutional exchange and has resulted in follow-up projects.”

Andreas Lustenberger, leader youngCaritas Switzerland


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Youth Exchange

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In a youth exchange, groups of young people from two or more countries get together for a few days or weeks. Creative projects involving art, dance, video or theatre are just as suitable as sport or outdoor activities. The young people take an active role in the planning and implementation and thus acquire many new skills.

Mobility Projects for Youth Workers

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In collaboration with partners from other countries, employees of youth organisations undertake international training sessions, study visits or job shadowing periods. They see how youth work functions in other countries, gain inspiration for new projects and develop numerous skills.

Youth and Politics

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Through projects in the Youth and Politics sphere, young people experience political participation and democratic processes in practice. Together with young people from other countries and with decision-makers, they discuss topics relevant to youth policy. Numerous activities can be carried out, from events and seminars through to debates.

European Voluntary Service

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Young people who do European Voluntary Service live in another country for a period of time and work there on a non-profit charitable project or in an organisation. The fields of activity are very varied, ranging from the cultural, social and health sphere via child, youth and community work through to environmental protection. The volunteers gain valuable experience abroad, while the receiving organisations benefit from active support and an injection of new ideas and energy.

European Continuing Education and Training

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Youth in Action offers reasonably-priced training and networking courses for people involved in youth work and/or wishing to carry out projects with young people (teenagers or young adults). The two- to four-day courses take place in European countries. They constitute a source of support in planning and carrying out projects as well as in daily work in the youth sphere.

Cooperation partnerships Youth in Action

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These kinds of longer-term cooperation between organisations enable best practices to be exchanged and transnational networks to be set up. In addition, innovative methods, instruments, guides or other products are developed within the framework of Cooperation partnerships.

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